About MADAA Org.

Magwi Development Agency Australia Inc founded in 2008. Magwi Development Agency Australia Inc, has been providing community services, social justice advocacy and inclusion opportunities for members of the community affected by a range of factors be it language, age, refugee, asylum seekers and disabilities.

Magwi Development Agency Australia Inc uses strength-based approach for community development and Person-Centred Approach Support Care, we strive to provide the best possible care and assistance to every person we support and the community in general.

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Our Value #1


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The above values in addition to the right to privacy, are deeply embedded into every level of our organisation and driven by initiatives of supporting our staff, volunteers, our clients, and the community we serve.

Magwi Development Agency Australia Inc is a none for profit, charitable organisation, with guiding principles founded vision of Providing Quality Opportunity for All, with our sole purpose being to empower clients, their family and community which we serve.

Our hope is that our clients realise their potentials and live in dignity and be included in the community they live.

"As a charitable organisation, Magwi Development Agency Australia is governed by the Board of Management and the Board members are registered on Australia National Charity Commission website. Board member positions are all voluntary."


We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone

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