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Assist-Life Stage,

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Assist-Life Stage, Transition

Transitioning to a new life stage can be difficult. Therefore, MADAA  Inc. is available to assist individuals with life transitions. Our experienced and professional staff may work with participants and their families to develop daily, weekly, and longer-term support schedules, ensuring that participants’ supports always assist them in achieving their goals. We may also assist with budgeting, including planning expenditures, making one-time purchases, and making monthly payments..

We excel in assisting NDIS participants with life cycle transitions. Beginning a new school year, moving out on one’s own, obtaining one’s first job, and finally reaching retirement age; with proper planning and networking, we can assist you in navigating life’s transitions and achieving your objectives.

We can assist participants with:

  • Assistance with decision making
  • Life planning and goal planning
  • Life transition planning including mentoring and peer support
  • Financial mentoring
  • Daily planning and Budgeting
  • Establish supportive networks
  • Capacity building skills
  • Development of independent self-care and living skills
  • Linkage support Mainstream supports
  • Coordination of supports
  • Crisis and conflict resolution
  • Assistance with accommodation and tenancy obligations
  • Assist-Personal Activities

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